Tokuyama will build a commercial center to promote the application of silicon nitride substrates

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  Tokuyama Corporation, a global aluminum nitride leader, announced that it has decided to start construction of an advanced technology commercialization center (demonstration plant) in July this year, and plans to invest about 3 billion yen in two years. Advanced materials within seek to promote practical applications. 

  Tokuyama said in the announcement that the Advanced Technology Commercialization Center will focus on the application of silicon nitride substrates in power semiconductor modules for new energy vehicles and renewable energy power generation equipment. Deshan has developed an energy-saving, safe and low-cost environmentally friendly ceramic substrate process using its patented high-purity silicon nitride powder, and the company established a commercialization center to demonstrate the industrialization of this technology. 

  It is reported that the investment in the commercialization center is mainly used for the production of manufacturing equipment. It is planned to start construction in July this year and start trial operation around April next year. 


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