Silicon Carbide Substrate 8inch Dummy Grade N Type 4H SiC Wafer IGBT

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 High-purity SiC substrate for research and development.
 According to demand, we can provide custom-made service.

SiC Substrate Specification:

  • Size: 8inch;
  • Diameter: 200mm±0.2;
  • Thickness: 500um±25;
  • Surface Orientation: 4 toward [11-20]±0.5°;
  • Notch orientation:[1-100]±1°;
  • Notch depth: 1±0.25mm;
  • Micropipe: <5cm2;
  • Hex Plates: area≤5%;
  • Resistivity: 0.014~0.028Ω;
  • EPD: N/A;
  • TED: N/A;
  • BPD: N/A;
  • TSD: N/A;
  • SF:    N/A;
  • TTV≤15um;
  • Warp≤60um;
  • Bow≤40um;
  • Poly areas: ≤5%;
  • Chips/Indents: Qty:2≤1mm Width and Depth;
  • Scratch: Cumulative Length≤1.5 Wafer Diameter;
  • Stain: None;
  • Wafer edge: Chamfer;
  • Surface finish: Double Side Polish, Si Face CMP;
  • Packing: Multi-wafer Cassette Or Single Wafer Container;

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